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Become a member of the Interagio Affiliate Program
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Interagio is a training platform providing a competent trading education for beginners and professional traders. We highly value every student and believe that quality knowledge should be available in any field, including stock trading.

Our mentors share not only professional pre-recorded video courses, market research, and trading tools but also their vast experience in the industry. A friendly community of traders and partnerships is part of our global approach.

Thus, we have created an attractive Affiliate Program with favourable conditions, which you can join at any time, absolutely free! So, you introduce our educational platform to your users and receive up to 40% commission — the more you promote Interagio, the bigger your fee is. Moreover, we provide personal discounts on courses for your audience. Sounds like a plan!

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How does the Interagio Affiliate Program work?

First, you apply for the Affiliate Program using the contact forms on this page.
Second, we create professionally designed promotional materials for you, and you generate affiliate links.
Third, you publish the content (posts, videos, etc.) using special affiliate links.
At the next stage, your users (or subscribers) follow affiliate links and buy training materials from Interagio.
Finally, you get your commission up to 40% by crediting transactions to your affiliate account!

The advantages of the Interagio Affiliate Program:

Easy Start

All you need to do to start the Interagio Affiliate Program is to apply. Easy, fast, and efficient!

Significant Commissions

Interagio offers up to 40% commission for every user who clicks on your affiliate link!

Income You Influence

Your income depends solely on you and your content. The more you promote the Interagio platform, the more clicks on affiliate links you have, and the higher your commission is.

New Users Attraction

With the help of the Interagio Affiliate Program, you attract new audiences to your project and increase your brand awareness. Everyone wins here!

Prime Experience

When you bring Interagio training to the masses, you empower users and give them the best trading learning experience.

Who can become a partner in the Interagio
Affiliate Program?

Cryptocurrency Bloggers

Trading cryptocurrencies is becoming more popular among younger generations. If you’re trying to reach the Millennials generation in your audience, Interagio Affiliate Program can help. Spread affiliate links, engage users, and earn commission!

Digital Influencers

Digital space has become our faithful friend, so whether your goal is to improve your trading skills or help your subscribers get a reliable educational platform, Interagio can do both.

Financial Organisations

You can earn a commission by being an intermediary in providing quality trading education from the Interagio to your partners and colleagues. Recommend our training materials to financial companies and investors, and strengthen your relationships.

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